It was great to work with the team from Ticketsolve on their video series. Ticketsolve offer an embedded software ticketing solution for venues. Furthermore the multitude of venues in Ireland and the UK enjoy a complete customer relationship management offering through the platform. The team are about fun, professionalism and innovation and it was our job to capture the these characteristics on camera. The premise for the shoot was their bi-annual customer day. This is where all of their clients come together for an entertaining and informative workshop that covers many marketing topics related to the entertainment industry. They were based at a brilliant venue for the day, the Project Arts Centre in Templebar, Dublin. Below is the video.


With this cut complete we collectively decided that a mobile version would be very beneficial to have. This is requires an exported video that is custom made for playing natively on a smart phone. With most social media traffic occurring on smart phones it is becoming increasingly important that brands adopt this video format. A good mobile video requires not just a change of shape but also the addition of subtitles. To top it all off a successful mobile video will be much shorter. All of these characteristics allow for an engaging experience on visual social media platforms such as facebook and instagram.  Here is the mobile version, enjoy!