Effective Software are a very innovative company. They provide software solutions in Health & Safety for the construction industry and other sectors. When they approached us about developing an animated character who would represent the business online we were excited as it sounded like a very creative project.

First of all it was time to chose a character that would best fit the bill. As a starting point we considered character styles from the following list. The character was chosen and we then went about changing his look to suit the Effective Software brand.

And so “Al” was born!

Al represents the employee across many sectors who is faced with many Health & Safety management issues. It was our job to create a video that would outline the solutions to these problems. After some brainstorming sessions we arrived at the initial concept for the video. We then offered the Effective Software team some guidelines on script creation and helped them to produce a fantastic script! The script is the core for any video, animated or otherwise. It is always worth spending time on this and working through multiple drafts. Once the script is right a there will be the potential to achieve a great video. Along with Al there was also a superhero character designed (see below!)

Next it was time to produce and review the storyboards. This is an exciting process where the character is seen for the first time on paper. This part of the process allows any fine-tuning to be done to the visuals as they are viewed alongside the scripts. Timing is crucial here and it is always advised to read through the script whilst reviewing the storyboard. Each scene should be long enough to incorporate the script.

At this stage some fine tuning to the script can also be done to suit the visuals (and vice versa!). The ES team were keen to feature a company called Globex Corp in the video. This allowed us to outline the Health and Safety concerns that this company experiences.  The company used antiquated paper-based health and safety procedures that required a lot of time and resources. This gave us the chance to show how the cloud-based software solution that Effective Software offers would provide a much more efficient and cost-effective optins. We went about designing a exterior and interior background scene for this company along with extra characters.  After a couple of drafts of storyboards it was time to start the animation!


Once the storyboards are worked out the animation process does not take too long. This process involves adding motion to the previously designed scenes and joining them up. Of course there will be a couple of drafts to iron out any visual changes or timing issues. An then it was complete!


And we hope you will enjoy the video!


It was brilliant to work with Effective Software on this project. It was collaboration at its best and the ideas kept on flowing on terms of what Al will look like and do in the video. The most exciting part of this type of project is starting off with a blank sheet of paper and the enjoyment of talking about all of the possibilities. At that point literally anything is possible! The Effective team were always up for pushing out the boundaries and even wanted to include a “sliding doors” montage (moving back and forth in time) in the video (which we managed to do!). We are really happy to see that the video is being successfully used in both online campaigns and at many numerous events.