The Guinness Enterprise Centre approached us to get involved with a very interesting project. They had archive photos of when their building was being renovated in the 1980’s and wanted to do something creative with them. A brief was formalised to blend these archive images with new photos at the same locations. If successful the “From Old to New” pictures would be framed and hung up around the building. Naturally we could not turn this project down!



We have been situated in the GEC for a number of years now and we really enjoy it. It is abundant with exciting start-ups and the atmosphere is always buzzing. These pictures will not only need to be historical but need to capture the entrepreneurial spirit of the building.

So let’s go back into the history of the building! The building in which the GEC is now situated belongs to Guinness and is situated only two minutes walk away form the storehouse. The Guinness complex was built in the 1800’s and consists of numerous red-brick warehouses. The complex renovation job involved integrating three stories of offices into one of these buildings. It was very successful and the GEC has been open since 1990..

The photography project was fun as we needed to find structural objects from the old photos and try to take the photo from the exact same location. Some were obvious (such as the canteen). The hallway photo however was very tricky! Luckily we had help from the GEC staff in locating the exact locations the initial photos were taken from!

We are really happy with the final result and have received positive feedback from people in the building. It is now great to see the photos hanging up on the walls.